Torres Signing At Chelsea Megastore

As expected the Fernando Torres signing session at the Chelsea Megastore yesterday proved to be a huge success!!

I was a woman on a mission as my Kent Blues children at school had spent time on their very own “special message” for him so we set off crack of dawn from home to secure a place in the queue.

Fernando was due to arrive at 3pm and would be there for an hour and by 11am the line had been capped at 150. As Graeme said this is the earliest he had ever known for it to reach capacity.

Good on the staff in the store as they were well organised issuing wristbands which meant you could nip off for coffee and loo breaks etc. when needed without worrying about losing your place. Much needed when after all you have a 6 hour wait!!

It proved to be well worth it for the fans who had made the effort coming away with their Torres No9 signed shirts and photographs and of course personally for me as Graeme got a great shot of the moment I gave Nando “that letter”.

Gill Reeves – CSG disabled rep


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One thought on “Torres Signing At Chelsea Megastore

  • Am always delighted anytime i see torres in blue shirt. torres will fire us to victory against spurs tomorrow in jesus name. Amen……….. keep on moving torres

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