Chelsea Pitch Owners – EGM

CPO EGM this Monday

How to buy a share here (25/07) – Vote results here (24/07) –

The re-arranged CPO EGM will take place this Monday 23rd July.

A lot has happened since last October’s failure by the club to buy back the lease from Chelsea Pitch Owners. At the time, we at the CSG e-mailed our members to gauge the feeling amongst them in terms of whether they felt, as the committee did, that the club needed to provide more information before we could endorse such a buy back. The feedback we received was unequivocal – all but a couple agreed that a no vote was in order at that time – but that “no”, did not mean never.

Things have now moved on and the CPO has seen changes at board level and the club has been a little more forthcoming in terms of communication, but I think it is fair to say that without a new potential site identified, many of us still feel uneasy regarding an unconditional surrender of our shares.

Since the October No vote, we have seen various other “factions” (for want of a better word) emerge – some publicly and some anonymous, who have put their opinions, beliefs and “facts” into the public domain. The issues have also been debated passionately on the club’s official chat site, on Twitter and on a number of other forums – there is certainly a lot of opinion out there now – how much of it is “fact” we cannot guess.

We have trawled the internet and gathered links to the main protagonists involved, which we hope will help you all in your own decisions on how to vote in the various resolutions – or at least perhaps will demonstrate the various outlooks currently out there.

If you come across any other links to articles/blogs/forums that you would like to see added to this list – please feel free to leave as a comment and we will add it asap.,,10268~2831288,00.html

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8 thoughts on “Chelsea Pitch Owners – EGM

  • From this i suggest that the chelsea supporters group has little interest in seeing a blanced debate!!! There is not one group mentioned that is against sayno! If you can’t give a balanced report of what is going on you do not deserve my membership!

    • A balanced debate is exactly what the CSG is looking for, we can only offer links to opinions and articles that we know about. We welcome any other links that give all views on the CPO EGM and would be only too pleased to add these to the article shown. Thank you for your comments.

    • I believe that cfc truth (4th link down) is very much against SNCPO – have you had a look?

      I did my best to find all angles but to be honest I could only really find the truth blog in that respect – if you can guide me towards any others, we will happily add them. Or indeed, even better if you would like to write something from your point of view, we’d be happy to put it up

    • The attitude of CSG can be deduced from looking at just two things P Bax

      1)Their reaction to the original offer by the club to buy back the freehold when they were extremely active and eventually successful in the campaign that defeated the clubs bid

      2)Their complete indifference to the news that Chelsea had put a bid in for the Battersea site, they merely posted a link to a couple of club announcements re the bid

      Can you imagine any other fan group of any other club in that same situation virtually ignoring such a huge development in their clubs history with the possibility of moving to such an iconic location with a 60k stadium on offer?

      • The bid for BPS was, as it said, a bid!
        M Blue, I can’t see where you are coming from here, what did you expect the CSG to do or, react.
        Did any other Chelsea fan groups or websites react any different to us? no of course not because there was nothing to report or react to.
        Please try and remember we are all Chelsea fans at heart and only want what is best for the club.

      • The bid for Battersea was unsuccessful – if it had been successful then I think the majority of us would have been delighted. I’m not sure what you expected? Some “what if” articles assuming that the bid was successful?
        To be honest we would rather deal in certainties.
        But our offer is open to you just as it is to anyone – write us a piece with your view & we would be happy to put it up

  • ChelseaDan

    Thanks for putting all the links up although not sure it helps me much as it doesn’t look to me that CPO has moved on from where we were in October.

    We still don’t have an identified site that we can make an informed decision on, there’s still next to nothing coming from the CPO board & it still doesn’t look as if the council is doing much to help us – back to square one!

  • Regarding the paying off the loan – I thought I read somewhere that as the loan is interest free – if CPO put the money they have already raised in a high interest account, by the time the money is due to be paid back we’d have enough?

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