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I talked about déjà vu last week and once again as we left the Hawthornes the fans were full of recriminations. It was the defeat at West Bromwich Albion last season that finally lost AVB his job, and although I don’t think we are at that stage yet with Di Matteo, I believe that his inexperience is being laid bare for all to see.

The patience with Torres also finally crumbled with the travelling blues, as the air was filled with a cacophony of angry voices as the ball got caught under his feet again and again, he gave the ball away easily and was virtually a spectator for large parts of the game. You can’t blame them, he has enjoyed our full support for nearly 2 years while he has struggled to consistently find his feet. I have been one of his most ardent apologists  – I made allowances for the pressure of the price tag, for the possible hangover of injury, for his initial patchy starts; I’ve argued that his hard work for the team made up for his lack of goals. But it’s been nearly two years, and he is fit, he is played regularly, he has talented players who will supply him, the pressure has all but evaporated as truthfully, we actually don’t expect him to score anymore. But I think the straw that has broken the camels back is this attitude that we have seen from him of late – like e finally decided that this isn’t going to work, so he is going to free wheel his way to the end of the season or til we sell him – whichever comes first.

Chelsea fans are a very patient lot – they will forgive most things – but a lack of effort is not one of them.

There is also the makings of a lynch mob for David Luiz – he seem to be the scape goat for our current defensive frailties. I’m not having that – he is by no means perfect but to blame just him for getting carved open again and again is simply ridiculous; many feel that Luiz would be better suited to our midfield – that is not the answer. The answer is to get the defence more organised so that they are not pulled out of position so and so leaving gaping holes at the back.

There is only one person responsible for Saturday’s loss and that is Roberto Di Matteo. The arrogance of playing such a weakened team against a side riding so high in the Premier league, especially given our current form, was just suicidal.

Our first team could have coped easily with that West Brom side – so play them, win the game then take off your elite players to rest them for tomorrow. Instead we bought Mata and Oscar on when we were chasing the game, heads were already down – they were running round like madmen trying to undo the damage to no avail in the end. So now we have a loss, knackered players and a further dip in form going into a Champions League game  – way to go Roberto.

You also have to ask yourself who made the decision not to buy an additional striker – with Torres, well, being Torres, Sturridge seemingly out of favour and at the time and potentially on his way out of Stamford Bridge and Lukaku out on loan wasn’t it absolutely obvious that we needed another striker?

We face a very good Juventus side tomorrow and a Man City side who look to be finding the Premiership a breeze especially as they have an abundancy of riches in the striking department. If we’re not careful we could find ourselves on the precipice of a Champions League exit and already 4th (or worse) before the Christmas decorations have even gone up!

I would like to add a slice of paranoia to my self-pity today if I may. We were again denied a pretty clear cut penalty on Saturday, if not two – I imagine this treatment at the hands of the referees will continue no matter what the eventual outcome of the Clattenburg investigation. I cannot understand what could be taking so long to sort this out. It’s been three weeks now. Something so potentially damaging to the sport should have been sorted in a matter of days; seriously – they could have interviewed everyone involved in a day – maybe two – then a day to deliberate – verdict.

But then seemingly everything in football seems to take an absolute age. It’s been almost three weeks since we drew Leeds in the Capital One Cup – ticket allocations and details have yet to be announced because the police are involved. This has ensured that travelling fans have been unable to make any arrangements, including getting reasonable fares on the train. No other section of society would be permitted to be treated like this.

Anyway, I will end this missive now, as I am even depressing myself. By the time you read this, I will be making a long but pleasant train journey through the Alps to Turin. What happens there could have big implications on the team, manager and the season – time to step up to the plate for everyone. Onwards and Upwards!

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2 thoughts on “Chelsea Terrace Talk – Irish Examiner Article By Trizia

  • ChelseaVera

    Cant argue with any of that.

  • I cant argue with most of it, however the bits on David Luiz and the 1 striker bother me.

    Would you care to explain why Luiz see’s fit to put his hands behind his back and turn his back on the ball each time he needs to block down a cross/ shot? Or why he doesnt feel it nessecary to get back into position after he goes forward and loses possesion?

    Everyone now knows Robbie was sacked because of Torres and everyone now knows we only have one striker because Torres couldnt handle any competition. He couldnt hack it when Didier was around because he wasnt first choice. Lets face it RA didnt buy a striker because he only wants the striker he bought to get all the goals. he’s like a child playing his own game.

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