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Plus Review of the Year

That was the year that was – 2012!

As 2012 draws to a close, we thought it was high time to review the latter half of the year (our last newsletter was way back in the summer) and to offer you a bit of fun with the:

Safe Standing Roadshow 2012 Quiz (Click this link to play)

At the start of December 2011, not one club in England, Scotland or Wales had publicly declared its interest in safe standing. What a difference a year makes! The picture as we approach the end of December 2012 is very different indeed.

The entire Scottish Premier League is now free to trial rail seats, while in Engand, following Aston Villa’s lead in January, the list of clubs to follow in support of safe standing trials grows by the week.

Included in the roll of safe standing honour are now: Derby County, Peterborough, Sunderland, AFC Wimbledon, Hull City, Crystal Palace, Bristol City, Burnley, Watford, Doncaster Rovers, Cardiff City, Plymouth Argyle, Aldershot, Exeter City, Wolves and Swansea City. In other news during the latter months of the year we reported on:

Read about all of that and you’ll have no trouble getting ‘top marks’ in our 2012 Quiz!

Just click here to start the quiz (you need to create a simple ‘sign-in’ account and then away you go!) and see how many points you can score out of 50. You will be shown your score and how you did on each question at the end of the quiz and we’ll publish a ‘league table’ (showing only ‘user names’) over the next few days.

Have a go at the quiz now!

Have fun doing it and have a very Happy New Year in 2013!


Jon Darch

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