Chris Foy’s Party Trick (by Gary Watton)


10003998_10152011684896347_1934226083_nCongratulations are extended through gritted teeth to Aston Villa for their one-nil triumph against ten, sorry nine, men. In fact the Villains were always likely to be a banana skin, as they had previously won at Arsenic, defeated Manchester Wannabes, and drawn 2-2 at Shamfield. So who was the man of the match?

In my view, the man of the match award should be reserved for the individual who was the most influential participant in terms of determining the eventual outcome. Therefore, with this criteria in mind, I have no hesitation in nominating that consistent opponent of Chelsea Football Club, the humourless, no-nonsense Chris Foy. Mr Foy was probably a hanging judge in a previous life, and I am always filled with foreboding when he is appointed as match official in one of our fixtures.

Now I am not suggesting that the misfiring and misbehaving duo of Ramires and Willian did not deserve to be shown the dreaded red piece of paper, but more than any other referee, Foy ‘has previous’ when it comes to brandishing red cards at Chelsea players whilst hypocritically affording our opponents with the benefit of the doubt. To quote Stephen Patrick Morrissey, “I checked a register of historical facts and I’m shocked and ashamed to discover” that Foy is at the very least a bad luck charm where Chelsea are concerned. Let us consider the overwhelming evidence.

In thirty Chelsea matches, the dastardly Foy has dismissed a startling total of eight players (all of them foreigners) plus our understandably upset manager, whilst no opponent has ever been red-carded by the partial plonker from Merseyside. Let’s drill down into the damning evidence.

Foy the party-pooper dismissed our Dutch maestro Arjen Robben for a second bookable offence after he had removed his shirt at Sunderland in 2006 to celebrate a goal of his. This notoriously became perhaps the first instance in which a Premiership player was dismissed, arising out of a goal celebration! In his next Chelsea encounter, several weeks later, Foy tried his utmost to derail Chelsea’s championship challenge when he ordered Maniche off early in a home match with Wet Sham. Fortunately, this only served to galvanise our troops, and Terry and co proceeded to a brilliant four-one hammering of the Hammers.

Then in the 2010 FA Cup final, Michael Ballack was horribly chopped down from behind by a vindictive foul by Kevin Prince-Boateng. This moment of thuggery ended Ballack’s involvement in the final and ruled him out of the World Cup finals. Foy only produced a yellow card. Had the foul been perpetrated by Ballack, would it still have been a yellow? Answers on a postcard please!

Meanwhile merciless Foy dismissed Alex in a league cup match against Fulham and he then reduced Chelsea to nine men in the first half of a league match at QPR. Chelsea almost escaped with a draw, but of course their chances had been foiled by Foy. Then of course he dismissed Eden Hazard, arising out of the provocation of the ball-boy incident at Swansea just over a year ago. Then to add insult to injury, the selective vision of Foy failed to spot a violent lunge by Aguero upon David Luiz in last year’s FA Cup semi final.

For a Christmas present, I would like to buy the man with the Chelsea complex an inflatable doll dressed in a Chelsea shirt, so that the Liverfool man can practice his party trick of flashing his reds at the Blues.

In all probability, Chelsea’s quest for a fourth Premiership title in a decade will come up just short, especially if the disturbingly prolific Foy has anything to do with it. I hope that Foy is kept away from further Chelsea away fixtures as the mass of evidence illustrates that the Merseyside maniac specialises in dishing out red cards to Chelsea personnel. Perhaps the fiendish Foy is following in the dubious footsteps of Graham Poll in their mission to “teach you lot a lesson.” It certainly does little to reinforce public confidence in the competence and credibility of referees.

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2 thoughts on “Chris Foy’s Party Trick (by Gary Watton)

  • Akin Bankole

    i think this matter is beyond whether Mr Foy is an enemy of chelsea,this is a case of the FA trying to balance the book. The last time chelsea was awarded a last minute penalty against West brom at stamford bridge,all heaven was let loose,even the referee chief spoke against the spot kick a very rear case,but the FA made up for the error of their official by fraustrating chelsea player into concieding an equaliser at west brom. Another case was when chelsea played Aston villa at Stamford bridge where Ivanovic was ajudge to have elbow Benteke. Everyone said that he should have gotten a red card. Again the FA chose Mr Foy to balance the book at villa park knowing fully well from his antecedent that he will not tolerate a chelsea player.

  • I can not believe that in modern life of football something like this will be happening,the referee and English FA plain it de want to bring chelsea don,de know about his record with chelsea that is why de put him there,now there are is. A shame to English football because is. Affecting them in UCL.

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