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Definition of “furious” – enraged, raging, infuriated, very angry, inflamed, incandescent, fuming, boiling, seething, incensed, irate, frenzied, in a frenzy, raving mad, mad, maddened, ranting, raving, wrathful, in a temper, beside oneself – I think that just about covers it.

I really don’t know what to say anymore. There is no excuse, no explanation for the performance that we witnessed on Saturday. Both the players and the manager let the fans down and need to look at themselves. You should be able to throw any Chelsea eleven together to face what is in effect a championship side like Bournemouth and still come away as victors (yes, I am acutely aware that that sounds horribly patronising – but it does not change the facts).

I am also (finally) beginning to lose faith in Mourinho – because he is persisting with players that will eventually lose him his job and I really don’t understand why. We as supporters have backed him as we could see that it was the players that were letting him down. But, if he as a manager then keeps playing these same players who are letting the team, the fans and the manager down, then he has to share the culpability in terms of where we find ourselves. Also, not playing a striker against Bournemouth at home is just utter madness – you don’t want/trust Costa – fine, play Remy. I get he’s not exactly the greatest striker in the world but he’d have done a job – and you don’t need a Messi to play against Bournemouth.

Mourinho talked post match how they had practiced, practiced, practiced corners – really?? What I saw was eleven truly embarrassing attempts at corners – those that didn’t hit the first man, sailed neatly into the hands of the unchallenged keeper – for three of them he didn’t even need to move or jump.

I know it’s easy and relatively flippant to talk about playing the kids as they couldn’t be any worse, but they really couldn’t be any worse. Mourinho was quick to publicly berate Loftus Cheek for an alleged bad attitude, yet we see first team players getting away with shocking attitudes week in week out on the pitch with impunity – what kind of message does that send out?

And as for Costa – I don’t care that his booking was harsh – the fact that he was booked and then proceeded to kick the ball away & so risked a sending off said everything to me – showed he didn’t care about the team or the result – just about himself.

I said last week that I thought we were turning a corner – I couldn’t have been farther from the truth. We are a rudderless ship with not one leader on that pitch to take some responsibility, to encourage, instruct, berate, organise – Terry hasn’t done it all season and neither have any of the stand-ins. No team ethic – a bunch of individuals going through the motions. They don’t care and it shows.

In a week where we have to get some sort of result to stay in the Champions League and we play the league leaders on their home ground we find ourselves three points above the drop zone – how the mighty have fallen.

Oh to have the likes of Lampard, Ashley Cole, Didier Drogba – even now – their bodies may be past it but I bet they would put every ounce of energy and heart into the game and that is what we fans want to see – it’s not a lot to ask.

So where do we go from here? I would say bring in Loftus-Cheek and Kennedy for regular starts – but would that be fair on them? It’s a big ask to come into a hugely under-performing team and turn it around. Will they instead find themselves adversely affected by the malaise that we are witnessing from the rest of the players? Even if they ignore that and play their game will three players giving their all (Willian) be enough to see a change in fortunes – I’m not sure it will. The mind-set of players is as important as their physical wellbeing – especially in young players – do we risk damaging that to try and save a team that will inevitably be broken up this summer anyway?

What a mess. This state of affairs has actually given me sleepless nights (I’m writing this at 2.30am Sunday morning) – I bet the players sleep like lords in their designer sheets while their bloated bank accounts continue to expand. They are safe in the knowledge that they will continue to get paid no matter what and if anyone as to pay the price for their ineptitude it will probably be the manager. I bet the majority of them already have their agents conducting secret negotiations with other clubs so that they can start afresh elsewhere leaving their mess for someone else to clear up and the fans to ponder where it all went so very wrong.

Posted by Trizia

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5 thoughts on “Chelsea Terrace Talk – Irish Examiner Article By Trizia

  • Gill Reeves

    spot on Trizia with the report, thanks for this word for word you have it right!!
    “Oh to have the likes of Lampard, Ashley Cole, Didier Drogba – even now – their bodies may be past it but I bet they would put every ounce of energy and heart into the game and that is what we fans want to see – it’s not a lot to ask” been saying this for ages.
    We watch the Academy guys all the time and they all show more desire in their little finger than the majority of the first team. Is it fair to put so much pressure on them now? could be because will there ever be a right time? If the first team are doing well they don’t get a look in so yes maybe now. I’d take a season in the wilderness (Championship) to see some of them get their chance because to be honest have had enough of the majority of the prima dona lot we have atm.

  • Exactly my thoughts. This is the first time I have lost faith in Mourinho having backed him to the hilt in the past.

  • I don’t think putting Loftus-Cheek or Kenedy in the lineup on a regular basis will hurt them. The experience will do them a world of good — and we have nothing to lose at this point.

  • This is the first Trizia post I have totally agreed with.

    Unfortunately I have seen this scenario that we find ourselves in coming for a while.

    I’m no clairvoyant but if one keeps on doing basically the same things with the same players and expecting different results then one is truly delusional.

    I’m afraid to say that the change really must start from the top and we can no longer accept the current failures because of past success.

    If this means a change of management and coaching philosophy then so be it but this must happen now.

  • Voltaire

    You have hit several nails on the head. There is something seriously wrong within the club.

    Stability or random changes nothings working, so we are almost at the point of no return.

    A 5 in 5 out over January is a must the balance of desire and lazy has to be readdressed or worse will follow.

    Unless Jose changes, it shows that time has moved on and he has not.

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