Lock, Stock And Sinking Villa

Chelsea vs. Aston Villa CSG pic[1]Well it’s April Fool’s Day, but it feels like we’ve been it for the whole season. What promised much on paper in August, turned out to be the paper we flush down the toilet.

It went wrong from day one, and I’m not going over a much ploughed field, other than to say those in the Ivory towers better have learned something from it. I’ve seen worse… several relegations worse, but not from a talented team on paper.

So for the final 8 games the clocks have moved forward and I do hope so has the attitude of the players and the preparation for next season. With this clocks movement it might not be that bigger deal for you locals, but for those of us who are a few thousand miles away it makes all the difference. That extra hour makes it so much easier to watch games in principal, even if the watching is more like a horror movie.

It’s kind of nice not to be in the tabloids gun sights at the moment although a side swipe or a dig or a kick in the plumbs is never that far away. We get the continued day to day bollocks floating about to fill the column inches, I’m sure 99% is just guess work and other than a few rare credible hacks, it’s all toilet paper.

Business of the day is about JT being offered a final swan song by England, true or not England lost their best defender when he was forced to retire, so to be asked to come back for one last hurrah…. is a bit rich. First things first a public apology from the FA acknowledging they changed their rules to brand him a racist would be a prerequisite and then what the hell why not he’s a free agent in the summer.

Just a little on others….. Remi Garde left Villa, another club who have been mismanaged on a major scale, they have been lingering around the bottom for years, aka Wigan, Coventry style, but finally it looks like the trap door will open for them. Always a troublesome place is Villa Park in more ways than one and from insiders it appears it was a royal fuck up from day one, Garde did not like what he was presented with and I gather the players felt the same (see it’s not just us who has dubious work ethic employees).

Anyway, Villa have appointed Lord King (ex bank of England governor), ex FA man Bevington and the odious David Bernstein (he being the ex witch finder general of the FA who made it his crusade to crucify JT). So a nice win on Saturday please win JT to get one of the goals and show his respect to the ex FA chairman in the most appreciate manner.

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