Festive Time Of The Year

Not sure if I love or hate this time of year. Games are all over the place, some here some there, some a bloody long way away at night, I mean Sunderland 19.45 on a Wednesday in December, really who thought that one up?

Delighted for the well earned win, just as delighted for the young Sunderland lad Bradley Lowery, it also appears that he might benefit from a new trial drug too…. Christmas has come early for the little fella.

Many moon’s ago when I lived in the UK, the Boxing Day game was a real sanity savior, after all the crazy Christmas build up, the big day itself with all the trimmings, the reality of getting out and watching the game was wonderful. We have just a couple of more home games than away’s on Boxing day ( last 20 years) and a slightly better goal average as well, where we seem to be unlucky is the New Years game, twice as likely to be away, but twice as likely to win ( did not consider FA cup games or league games after the 5th ).

It’s a busy time with games between Christmas and New Year as well. Christmas was once a holiday from the office from 23rd or 24th until 2nd January, and a chance to get in every game one could. Alas today not possible even with live TV coverage, those night games are if lucky midnight and if unlucky almost 3am,, even with no work the next day and an alarm, it’s an almighty challenge to be awake, and the following day is a write off.

Boxing Day is special Bournemouth at 10pm a good time to be out either in the city or at a beach resort, Stoke on the 31st another 10pm and time to welcome in the New Year after, so must be a night out. Sadly the 4th away at Spurs is a 3am game, and working in the morning.

Oscar is reported on a possible exit for 60 million, good money in any one’s book, but a reasonable replacement will be 40 million, we’ve let a few good players leave over the past few years.

Losses announced as 70 million, for exceptional causes, ( assumes the big pay off to Adidas on the cancellation of the shirt deal 6 years early), but easy offset with the new shirt deal with Nike of 60 million a year for 15 years and the extra funds from the PL.

So really, its now the time to build that new stadium, bonus cash arriving in a few directions, just please not at Wembley whilst we are away, and I hope the new place looks better than the drawings.

Anyway Merry Christmas to you all, and hopefully we can keep that special run going for a bit longer

Posted by Voltaire

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