Chelsea FC Foundation Cerebral Palsy Team Complete First Season

From the official Chelsea FC website:

Chelsea FC Foundation’s adult cerebral palsy team finished fourth in the National Cerebral Palsy league.

It was the team’s first-ever season as a squad competing in the league, a strongly contested competition, and the Chelsea squad had a mixture of youth and experience as they got their inaugural campaign underway back in September.

There was a total of seven fixture days, consisting of two or three league fixtures for the Blues’ cerebral palsy team this term, with a number of those fixtures taking place up north against well-established teams with a wealth of experience.

Following the conclusion of their inaugural season, the Chelsea team found themselves in fourth position, three points from runners-up and seven points behind the league winners.

The team are already eyeing up the 2022/23 season and have committed to weekly training sessions as they look to build on the successes of this year.

Ellie Crabb, Chelsea Foundation’s disability officer, said: ‘The team is one of the flagships of the disability programme.

‘The whole squad deserve huge praise for the way they have trained, played and conducted themselves in the league.

‘Huge praise also goes to Jordan Clarke, Adam Semple and Harry Mostyn-Privett who, as the coaches of the team, have worked with them on a weekly basis in training, provided one-to-one coaching support and analysis, travelled across the country with them and added a tremendous amount of value to the programme.’

Gareth Canning, who has been a member of the Foundation’s cerebral palsy team for 16 years, added: ‘The team has progressed extraordinary well in the league this season, given the age and experience profile of the majority of the team being quite young.

‘Everyone has developed beyond expectation and as a team we have successfully taken the games to every other team in the league. The future feels quite bright with this group of players!’

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