PL2 reaction: David Fofana on dev squad debut goal and adapting quickly

From the official Chelsea FC website:

On his first PL2 start, David Fofana scored a lovely goal in the weekend’s 3-1 win against Liverpool. The striker is now focused on playing as many games as possible and improving his game every day…

Fofana, who has already made his men’s first-team debut for Chelsea, scored a crucial leveller in the victory against Liverpool as we were a goal down early on in the match.

He started the move and was in the right place to finish when he received the ball inside the penalty area.

Afterwards, Fofana spoke about what it felt like to play for the Under-21s and how this was an important step towards where he sees his Chelsea career going.

‘I am so happy to be playing football, that is what I love to do and every time I step onto the pitch, is another chance for me to improve and get better as a player,’ he said.

‘Even though I have not played with some of the players in this team, I was comfortable and felt a strong bond with the players. I think this is why we were able to win because I trusted them, and they trusted me.’

The 20-year-old discussed the development of his own game.

‘I am a very physical player and I enjoy that part of the game as I always want to compete, but I want to improve my technique. That is what will help me get to the top.

‘Coming to England it is very different how the game is played here, and I like it. I want to adapt quickly and keep playing games, as that is how I will get better.’

This victory over Liverpool was impressive for a number of reasons as many of the squad had reason to celebrate.





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