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Chelsea’s Summer Transactions (by Gary Watton)

CHELSEA’S SUMMER TRANSACTIONS Here is a reminder of the revolving door of the last few months in which various players have arrived and others have departed from Stamford Bridge. Someone stated on social media almost smugly in mid-summer that Chelsea’s policy was merely to replace any departed players. It was apparent to me at least […]

Falcao? Good Grief. Seriously?

FALCAO? GOOD GRIEF. SERIOUSLY? Excuse me if I don’t dance with delight at the latest weird piece of business conducted by Mourinho and Chelsea Football Club. Hot on the heels of our charitable donation to Arsenic of one of the best goalkeepers in the history of the Premiership, we now proceed to take on a […]

Demba Departs, Filipe Joins, Schurrle Shines [by Gary Watton]

Demba Departs, Filipe Joins, Schurrle Shines I guess that I should spew out some reaction to Chelsea’s involvement, so to speak, in the recent World Cup shindig, and also comment on recent comings and goings at Stamford Bridge. First of all, the World Cup, thinks me, has brutally and cruelly and finally exposed the tiresome […]

Hernandez Please! [by Gary Watton]

HERNANDEZ PLEASE! [by Gary Watton] Last Friday, Neil Custis writing in ‘The Scum’ viewspaper identified nine players who he reckoned were on the way out at Old Trafford this summer. One such individual may be Javier Hernandez. I don’t understand why David Moyes overlooks him. I am equally baffled as to why Chelsea don’t express […]

A Couple Of Questions (by Gary Watton)

A Couple Of Questions Now that the transfer circus is mercifully over for a few months at least, allow me to provide the following food for thought and a couple of questions. It just might be that various smaller clubs are now deciding that they won’t be bullied into offloading their best players to the […]

Chelsea’s Summer Transfers By Gary Watton

I cannot comprehend why Chelsea appear to be trying to buy one or two players at present when it would seem a lot more prudent to permit the next er interim manager to bring in new blood.  [Let’s face it folks. Every manager at Chelsea is an interim appointment as far as trigger-happy Abramovich is […]

In The Clear Light Of Day ……

…… after the dust has settled …… Ouch! bloody hell that was embarrassing. On a Rotten Tomatoes scale I’d give it a full 10/10. On the odd occasion you get a player going missing in a game, even the best do it. Sometimes you can be very unlucky that 2 players go missing and put […]

Hiddink Return To Chelsea? – Will He Or Won’t He?

So, a month on and still no one to replace Carlo Ancelotti as Chelsea manager. The ‘closed season’ always turns out to be one of speculation, disappointment and sometimes, excitement when we either sign players or lose them to our rivals, but, in most cases we have a manager in charge to advise Roman on […]

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