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Well I can’t say it was one of the most convincing wins we have ever had but three points and a clean sheet ensured a happy car on our way home from Blackburn.

That said, the result papered over some substantial cracks and I’m not sure a scrappy one nil win against a current possible relegation team convinced anyone including the players themselves. The thing that struck me most as I was watching the game was how ordinary we looked. We looked like just another mid-table, done nothing for ages, average team.  Worse than that, in the first half it was like we were simply going through the motions – it was actually quite depressing.

Depressing is actually a word that is quite apt with all things Chelsea at the moment.

Let me start by saying that I do not believe that John terry is a racist – I equally do not believe he made a racist comment to Anton Ferdinand. Many will think I am viewing this whole episode with blue tinted glasses – that may be partially true. As someone who has met the man himself a number of times, who is aware of the many charitable acts he has performed quietly under the radar, and who has seen him remain calm and focussed despite being on the end of some quite revolting chants by opposition fans I think I am better placed to have an opinion on what kind of person he is than many people currently calling for his head & armband.

I may be being naive. I may eventually be proved wrong and if so – so be it, but I make no apology for assuming innocence until proven guilty. There have been others recently who have also been accused of racism – incidents where the slur was actually heard – incidents where those in the frame have actually got previous – I don’t see the same witch-hunt for these players.

John Terry has never stubbed out a lit cigar in someone’s eye, he has never beaten a team-mate with a golf club, he has never attacked a referee, nor a supporter, he has never missed a drugs test, he has never organised a no WAGS party just so he can invite dozens of “escorts”. Of course there are plenty of things he has done but few really reach anything as sordid as on the aforementioned list yet he was public enemy number one even before this latest accusation.

Today’s football fans are sheep – they have no minds or opinions of their own – they allow themselves to be led around by the nose by the tabloids. They have confused banter with a hateful mob mentality which is fanned by not only the red-tops but by the broad sheets too now sadly.

If JT is found guilty, then he should be punished – yet even if he isn’t found guilty, we know that mud sticks and he will not be permitted to shake himself clean of this one.

I have never advocated that John Terry should leave the England set up but I am beginning to change my mind on this one. To be so reviled as the captain of your country by so many of your own countrymen must wipe every ounce of pride and enjoyment from the honour.

The FA and police are not helping this whole situation – what precisely is taking so long? This should have been dealt with within days of the accusation – not permitted to fester and be fed in the best cases by drip fed innuendo & in the worst cases by some of the bile ridden vitriolic diatribes that pass for journalism in some papers. One thing is certain I am sick to death of hearing about it and want an end to this whole sorry affair – whichever way it goes.

Perhaps then we can properly concentrate on games like next weekend’s clash with Liverpool. Having read a few red message boards it seems that many Liverpool fans are less than happy with the way the season is going but are loath to criticise “King” Kenny. Of course this is always the sour side of a legend taking over at the helm of a club – invariably managers are sacked – very few leave of their own volition. If I am honest Liverpool look very much like us at the moment except that they have been out in the wilderness a little longer than we have.

In fact, their current plight should serve as a warning of where we could find ourselves should we not address some of the issues that we are currently witnessing. Those issues are – lack of stability at the back, lack of pace, blunt strike-force, and unsuitable tactics – doesn’t sound good does it?

We want to believe in AVB and we understand that it takes time to instil your idea into a team, but surely things should get better as the season goes on – not worse? I thought it was interesting when He was asked at the press conference whether Abramovich was fully on board with the style and whether the owner was happy. The manager looked distinctly uneasy and tugged at his ear – I am reliably informed by those that study body language that this is a sign that he was being less than truthful when affirming the owner’s positive reactions to the current state of affairs

It seems to me that he doesn’t have the kind of players for the kind of football he wants to play so he has two options – change the tactics or change the team – both difficult to do as the mid-point of the season approaches.  He needs to do something because if Blackburn can so easily get behind our high line as they did frequently on Saturday, then I hate to imagine what a team like City with its over abundance of striking talent could do to us. Sobering thought and one that will pray on our minds until we see some progress out there. Come on Chelsea

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7 thoughts on “Chelsea Terrace Talk – Irish Examiner Article By Trizia

  • Chris Power

    Oh dear you are now getting on my wick…the unerring accuracy of what you have said must be why you are not writing for any of the major newspapers, the truth is no longer a commodity required by Fleet St (showing my age?) Yes you are biased but no more than me and like you I try really hard to be objective the JT thing is the ‘Chelsea thing’ we are much hated and AVB whatever he is, appears clueless in handling the media, whether he is clueless when it comes to managing CFC remains an open question but it aint a great start is it? I’ll give the bloke a go…but honestly I cannot get my head around what he is trying to do…if we are in transition say so…if he has cocked up say so… I respect Mr A’s right to silence…but honestly what goes on at our club would try the patience of a saint…the silence is deafening…

    • Trizia

      were the insults necessary? I am not writing for a Fleet Street paper because I am not a journo – never have been – this is a fan’s view – my view

  • Vera Coyne

    I didnt follow the comment above – perhaps it was a clumsy compliment Trizia? He certainly gave no examples of inaccuracy. As he points out you’re not a working journalist and that at the moment is a positive in light of what we’ve read recently. Maybe a little beaten up after the past 3 weeks which have been horrible in so many ways. As you point out, we need to get at least one of our strikers firing soon, or this season could be a struggle. No better match to get back on track than Liverpool at the bridge eh?

    • Trizia

      yes – I see it now – have been defending Chelsea’s honour so often that I see critisism everywhere!! I am gobsmacked by the sheer number of people claiming to be Chelsea fans when ringing up radio stations then launching into diatribes that prove they are anything but!
      I’m not sure whether I am more worried about our strikers or our defence!

  • Chris Power

    I was trying to be be ironic Triz not rude…you write like a journo and I did think you were published (my mistake) sorry you feel offended was not my intention…

    I think I’ll shut up for a couple of years!

    • Trizia

      Ah I see now – must have had a blond moment yesterday – apologies!

      • Chris Power

        No need I can be a bit too clever for my own good…you are one of my very few heroes as far as CFC is concerned few folk express anything like the depth of understanding that so many of us lunatics have for the madness that is being a Chelsea Fan… who else could have an owner who never ever talks to us? I wish I could claim a fraction of your commitment Triz… just get so annoyed that club is so pants at PR our cat (if we had one) would do a better job! Me I’d make you our PR body because you get it…you really do that is why we read your stuff and nod 99% of the time because you hit those nailheads time and again…keep up the good work we really appreciate your efforts…

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