The Perfect Time For The Second Coming

The Perfect Time for the Second Coming of the Special One

Blue_Flag_And_Banners_MunichBy the time you read/glance/tut at this article, Jose Mourinho may well be the Chelsea manager again (not yet Sean but here’s hoping! – Ed).

The last time he arrived to turn all our lives upside down, he was a European champion. Football’s hottest property. Loved already by most English football fans because of the look he managed to plant on Fergie’s face after ensuring another season of European underachievement for Manchester United. He was the special one. The man who made football managers wear Armani suits rather than Umbro track-suits on the sidelines. He whispered the sweet nothings Frank Lampard needed to hear to make him Chelsea’s greatest ever goalscorer. He signed Drogba. And, god, I haven’t even mentioned the trophies, the glistening, life-affirming, gooner-baiting trophies.

This time its different. He is a European semi-finalist. He isn’t arriving from Germany, therefore he’s about as fashionable among football hipsters as Sodastreams, Global Technicolour t-shirts and 100% mortgages. Players, fans and journalists in Spain can’t wait to see the back of him. He’s flicked ears, picked fights and kicked out. The suits look are more Burton than Boss and he hasn’t delivered that 10th European trophy for Real Madrid.  The glistening, life-affirming, Casillas-baiting trophy that would have turned all those Spanish frowns upside down.

This is why its the perfect time for Jose to return.

Was it last summer when Chelsea had just won the European Cup and Jose was still the toast of the tavernas? No. Disaster.

This summer – the inevitable nightmare of Benitez has been and gone. So has the Man United job. So have the patience of the Bernabeu. So have Chelsea’s only other credible options. Now is the time.

No one should doubt that Jose is stage-managing this entire second-coming. But if we’re to believe what we hear, he wants to settle down. His family want to be in London. He has something to prove – he has to prove he is still a winner. And he also has to prove he’s marriage material rather than a short-term, exhilarating, unforgettable fling.

After making such a devastatingly idiotic decision to part company last time around, the time is right for reconciliation.

Posted by Sean A-M

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2 thoughts on “The Perfect Time For The Second Coming

  • Brandon JkJ

    I wish Jose Mourinho wuld jst sign&so we all can bloodly-well move on! No disrepect to a well thought out article, but isnt this jst like Chelsea? First it was rumoured that Radamel Falcao, Andy Shurrle, Hulk, Maroune Fallaini, Wayne Rooney just to mention a few were a whisker away from wearing the CFC jersey bt we all know how far frm d truth all this stories are! Kolo Toure to Liverpool, Benitez to Napoli, Mario Gotze to Bayern! Why can’t Chelsea 4 once just get a player or coach without all this drama?!

  • blueintheface

    As much as I want to agree with JM proving “he’s marriage material rather than a short-term, exhilarating, unforgettable fling” I still have the queasy sense that this time again the ride will be exhilarating yet not as long lived as we’d want. Hope that feeling is wrong

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