Champions League Away Allocations

Champions_League_CFC_PicThere has been a lot of discussion on social media regarding the differing away allocations of PSG & Chelsea, despite having similar size stadiums.

Chelsea have traditionally offered away sides either 3,000 or 1,500 allocations (obviously more for domestic Cup games) – these allocations were based on tried & tested segregations & have worked for the club in the past.

Many away clubs decide not to take the full allocation of tickets in case they were unable to sell them as they would still have to pay for them.

This season Chelsea have trialed a new 2,200 allocation which has been taken up by a handful of clubs. This seems to have been largely successful & Chelsea are in discussions with UEFA to role this out for Champions League games as of next season & are confident of doing so. This will then closer reflect the 5% that the club are obliged to give to the opposition club.

Posted by Trizia

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