Pochettino’s Chelsea – Report after 5 games

So after 5 games the new look Chelsea under Pochettino is not yet firing on all cylinders as my comparison to last season shows.

I have taken the three relegated teams in order and have compared them directly with the order of the promoted teams.

So the results so far show we have 2 points less game for game, the only improvement is that we beat Luton compared to Southampton.

Defensively we are worse off having conceded 2 more goals, despite a better result against Bournemouth, and more worryingly we have scored 1 less goal than last season.

    22-23 23-24 Points Goals conceded Goals scored  
Liverpool H 0-0 1-1 0 1 1  
West Ham A 1-1 1-3 -1 2 0  
Luton (southampton) H 0-1 3-0 3 -1 3  
Notts Forest  H 2-2 0-1 -1 1 -2  
Bournemouth A 3-1 0-0 -2 -1 -3  
        -1 2 -1  
          Leicester = Burnley  
          Leeds = Sheffield United  
          Southampton = Luton  

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