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Girl Who Likes Balls – Leicester

Nappy Sh*tters, Meet Reality; Reality, meet Nappy Sh*tters Chelsea 1 Leicester 1 – Sunday 18th August 2019 16:30 You’d have been forgiven for forgetting that there was a football game on today, and assuming that this was a vast gathering of the Super Frank Appreciation Society. Which is fine with me as a one-off. In […]

Girl Who Likes Balls – Leicester & Watford

Five Days of Christmas Chelsea 0 Leicester City 1 – Saturday 22nd December 2018 15:00 In the News: Just the half a dozen articles crowning the filthy Scouse champions at Xmas. United flew to Cardiff – are you serious? Not as serious as Sanchez – who reckons he won a £20k bet when Chequebook Pulis […]

Girl Who Likes Balls – Leicester

Trigger and I Have Got a Secret Chelsea 0 Leicester City 0 – Saturday 13th January 2018 15:00 When your best mate is so excited about making it into the ground for kick off that he almost punches David Luiz’s mum in the face… … Mama Luiz just laughed at him, but he might as […]

Girl Who Likes Balls – Leicester

Leicester City 1 Chelsea 2 – Saturday 9th September 2017 15:00 Where I come from foxes are vermin. Out they came to a bugle sounding the beginning of the hunt. They do realise that after that the foxes get hunted down and ripped apart, right? International Break: It’s not that I’m unpatriotic. I abuse anyone […]

Girl Who Likes Balls – Leicester City

Chelsea 1 Media Gits 0 – Saturday 14th January 2017 Can I just say, before I write anything else, when have you EVER picked up the Daily Fail, or switched on Sky Sports and taken what they say as gospel and not a ton of attention seeking sh*t written by press plebs with the integrity […]

Chelsea v Leicester – Match Summary

Chelsea 3 Leicester 0 – Saturday 15 October 2016 Finally back to club football after another dull international break. It’s been a month since our last trip to The Bridge so always good to be back, even though it is so early in the day, I’d only just finished my breakfast before heading off to […]

Girl Who Likes Balls – Leicester

When Amaretto, Wine, Gin and Greyhounds Meet Blogging… Chelsea 3 Leicester City 0 Saturday 15th October 2016 15:00 When you sit up half the night after a party at the dog track writing your blog then fall asleep without posting it… The others: If Carlsberg did football days, we were almost there yesterday. I take […]

Girl Who Likes Balls – Leicester Preview

There isn’t really much left to say about England. Halfway through the Slovenia game I was totting up in my head if I have enough trips to the WW1 battlefields under my belt to start attempting to claim Belgian nationality. Was Eric born Dier or is it an ironic statement? He’s like the Zoolander of […]

Girl Who Likes Balls

EFL Cup Round Three: Leicester City 2 Chelsea 4 (AET) – Tuesday 20th September 2016 19:45 Did You Ever See Such a Game of Two (Well Four) Halves? The others: quick round up of the weekend’s action in the league: Pogbawatch. I’m adding £500,000 and I can’t actually give a reason why he should get […]

Chelsea v Leicester – Match Summary

Sunday 15 May 2016 – Chelsea 1 Leicester 1 The final game was upon us, after a miserable season that started poorly and never got any better. But we did avoid relegation, so mission accomplished as far as Guus Hiddink was concerned. We welcomed the newly crowned Premier League champions Leicester to Stamford Bridge, gave […]

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