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From the official Chelsea FC website:

…… including no street-drinking and other restriction details, plus designated pubs and fan zone

Supporters attending our Emirates FA Cup final against Liverpool on Saturday should read the following information…

The whole of the London Borough of Brent, which includes the areas surrounding Wembley Stadium, has been designated as a no-street drinking zone for this weekend. This includes for the Women’s FA Cup final on Sunday as well as for Saturday’s game. 

This is part of a Public Space Protection Order. Please click here for more information on the order.

Fans drinking on Olympic Way and the surrounding streets ahead of the game will be asked to hand over their alcohol and enforcement action may be considered.

These steps are taken to provide a safe and enjoyable environment for everyone.

There will still be a wide range of bars, pubs, fan zones and restaurants available to enjoy in Brent before the game – you can find further details here. Pubs designated for Chelsea supporters are listed under ‘Wembley Stadium east’.

The official Chelsea Fan Zone is Arena Square, Engineers Way, HA9 0AA (opposite the SSE Arena), shown on the map below.

Alternatively, fans are encouraged to enter the stadium early and use the bars, food outlets and facilities inside. This also avoids later delays in entry which may mean missing the start of the match. Recommended entry times are printed on match tickets. 

If you are travelling into Wembley by public transport, please click here to find out more about drinking alcohol in public places.

Transport for London’s service updates can be found by clicking on this link

Click for Wembley’s guide for the match, including bag restriction policy 

Fan behaviour

Supporters are asked to note that persistent standing during a match at Wembley Stadium is strictly forbidden and may result in ejection from the ground. Persistent standing not only compromises crowd safety, but also affects the matchday experience of fellow spectators, especially children and elderly people. We ask our fans to respect the enjoyment of their fellow supporters in this regard.

Please also be aware that both teams’ fans are being asked to support in a respectful way and the authorities may take action in the case of disrespectful chants or references to the Hillsborough disaster.

Fireworks, flares, pyrotechnics and smoke devices are both dangerous and prohibited. Strong action will be taken against anyone caught in possession of such items, including the club issuing a lengthy ban from our matches.

These items which are illegal inside a football stadium can cause great harm to people. They can burn at up to 2,000°C and cause significant injuries to carriers and fellow spectators. There have been a number of incidents that have resulted in people experiencing breathing difficulties, distress and discomfort. At a recent semi final, a nine-year-old child required medical assistance when he picked up a discarded flare, causing burns to his hand. During the semi-finals there were four arrests made of spectators for being in possession of pyrotechnic devices.
Wembley is for all

Help blow the whistle on discrimination and anti-social behaviour. Everyone’s welcome at Wembley which is why the stadium has a zero-tolerance policy on any form of anti-social and discriminatory behaviour. We hope you don’t experience any incidents, but if you do, there is help.To report an incident on an event day, text HELP to 66566

Anyone found guilty will be ejected from the stadium and, in some cases, prosecuted.



‘Chelsea Supporters Group’ can also be found on Twitter and Facebook

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