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Festive Time Of The Year

Not sure if I love or hate this time of year. Games are all over the place, some here some there, some a bloody long way away at night, I mean Sunderland 19.45 on a Wednesday in December, really who thought that one up? Delighted for the well earned win, just as delighted for the […]

State of Play

…… And Who Is Under The Spot Light. Difficult times these be, no so much as in a rebuild as which we are progressing well so far, the footballing gods I’m sure will find a spanner for us at some point, however more on us later. Let’s start with this very difficult subject which has […]

The Dog’s Bark But The Caravan Moves On

The Dog’s Bark But The Caravan Moves On What is there not to like about yesterdays result? the press in 2 minds. Do they ignore the thumping of their favourites, or do they have a dig at Mourinho? Jose has played a major part in our development he was the innovative when he joined us […]

Transfer Window Closed For Another Summer

“A king may move a man but the soul is still the man’s” That’s it! moves are done and dusted until the January window, we all have to get along with what we have until then. All the movers and shakers have done their little dance, cards are on the table and the battle continues, […]

When Common Sense Is Becoming Quite Rare

Just a few things from the last few football days. The ‘Vocal One’ as he should now be called, is pumping up the volume on those who are seen as rivals, giving it “large” or “obvious” or “bragging” or “getting his in first”. Well I’m delighted it’s not us on the radar, comments about funding […]

Am I Now Too Old For All This?

Let’s not get up on any old high horse, I admit it’s been 10 years since I gave up my season tickets and time has moved on. My first game was Feb 1970 home to Stoke we won 1-0, knee high to a grasshopper and the memory of climbing those stairs at the back of […]

The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly

No we were not poor, or even abject or rubbish neither dismal, lack luster or lazy, nor dour, dull, tardy or pathetic. We were however, shameless and an insult to all the paying customers might be closer to the truth. Full credit to Man City…. they wiped the floor with us from start to finish, […]

Lock, Stock And Sinking Villa

Well it’s April Fool’s Day, but it feels like we’ve been it for the whole season. What promised much on paper in August, turned out to be the paper we flush down the toilet. It went wrong from day one, and I’m not going over a much ploughed field, other than to say those in […]

Old As ‘Old Father Time’

This chestnut is as old as “Old Father Time” we are hated and it gives joy to so many others… Why?…. maybe a combination of reasons, we certainly did not make ourselves popular in the 1970’s and 80’s when our support away from Stamford Bridge was not only large but hostile, it’s a reputation we […]

Chelsea In Bangkok

A warm welcome as normal for Chelsea in Bangkok, well we are amongst the most favoured clubs. support is universal but appears very strong in “The big Mango” First time for us in May, which is in advance of the rainy season. However this is often the real hot period, where temperatures of 40C are […]

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